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Episode 26: Casablanca

Episode 26: Casablanca

This week we return to screenplay analysis, and the screenplay we're analyzing is CASABLANCA. Listen to why Joe thinks this is the greatest screenplay ever written. Some links in this episode: The scriptThe Storylanes analysisThe Domicidal website with social media...

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Episode 25: On Directing

This episode, I talk about my first experience directing actors and a crew since the Before Times. You know, back in the days when Corona was just a Mexican beer. Here's some links to things i mention herein: THE MUNCHURIAN CANDIDATE - my newest short film!MUSICAL OR...

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Episode 24: Engineering a movie

This episode, I talk about using how I use my software engineering mojo to make a movie. Enjoy, listen to it here or wherever you get your podcasts, and here's the script! Hi, this is Joe...

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Episode 23: Producer Woes

We've got a new name for the film! And a new website! And other news too! But first, some links: - our new website! - Washington DC's Women in Film and VIdeo - a terrific organization! You can listen to the episode here:...

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Episode 22: Read-throughs

We're back! After a several month hiatus, we're now producing new content. And we're working full-speed on producing the film. This episode catches up on the news and discusses one of the key things we did recently: held a read-through of the script. You can listen to...

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The Storylanes Podcast tells the story of how Smart House Movie LLC  is producing DOMICIDAL, a new feature film.  We talk about all the trials of producing an independent film, with episodes that talk about read-throughs and script feedback and directing and all the other filmmaking things.

But we also dive into movie scripts.  A lot of our episodes look at the great films and their scripts, giving a screenwriter’s view of the world.  Each screenplay episode does a deep-dive analysis of one movie or show, examining how the story is structured and how all the elements come together to create the story, complete with a chart showing all the story’s key beats.

So check out Storylanes.  You just might learn something about the craft of filmmaking!